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    • No Questions in the Queue

      I don’t see any questions in the queue, please help!  Don't worry! Your account is working perfectly fine.  You're not seeing any questions because all available questions have been locked by other experts. You can either try and refresh your page at ...
    • How are Payments processed in Chegg TBS?

      Payments are processed through NEFT Bank transfer in two different payment cycles for the solutions submitted in the previous month. For Example: Any solutions submitted by an expert between 1st to 31st of a month and if those solutions are ...
    • How can I update my bank details?

      We do not allow any bank/PAN details change in our system. Only in the case of bank merger/closure ,we allow modifications in the bank details. In case of IFSC changes, we request you to share an updated passbook/cheque book with the new IFSC code. ...
    • Quality Review

      Quality reviews are the feedbacks given by our in-house team of experts for accuracy, thoroughness, and adherence to the TBS guidelines. Your solutions are evaluated by our Quality team, and depending on their quality, are given a score ranging from ...
    • Can I refer my family and friends to join TBS?

      You can surely refer. Please share the link with family and friends- and follow steps, Later the information will be shared to you via email and concern Associate will contact you when needed.