FAQ's for Induction Expert

FAQ's for Induction Expert

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  1.  I did submit 3 solutions, but when will I receive the update?

        After you submit the solution, you will receive a mail from COMIS in 24 hours and the dashboard will get updated in 48 hours.

  1. I claimed 10 questions and submitted only 3 solutions  to clear the induction. Should I submit the other solutions?

        We recommend that you skip the rest of the questions.

  1. I did not complete the guidelines test, is it mandatory?

        Completing the guidelines test is mandatory.

  1. I submitted 3 solutions 4 days ago, but the dashboard did not get updated. When will it happen?

        You will receive a submission  acknowledgement email from COMIS on the day of submission. If not, please write to tbsassignment@chegg.com

  1. Received an email from TBS Assignment mail ID as ‘Rejected -send back due to other problems’, what does it mean?

        It states that the lot has been rejected at the QC end, and you will have to re-work on the solutions.

        When you receive the above mail from tbsassignment@chegg.com,we recommend you wait for the COMIS Administration mail and check what went wrong by following QC Department Comments and suggestions and resubmit within 5 Business days.

         Note: The submitted solutions will go through a QC process, where QC decision  (accepted/rejected) is made and sent to you as an email from COMIS administration. Simultaneously, you will receive notifications from tbsassignment@chegg.com



Let us take an example of a rejected QC Feedback. This feedback contains a lot size of 2 questions.

The random file reviewed is from the set, and for rest of the files you will receive an email from TBS assignment, stating ‘Rejected- send back due to other problems’. 

Now, by checking the COMIS Administrator QC Feedback mail please go to Dashboard and follow the process to Re-submit within 5 Business days 

Dashboard>QC Send back> Resubmit1

  1. I received QC feedback as ‘rejected’, but  on the dashboard, the ‘send back’ tab appears  inactive for that assignment ID.

        After you receive the QC feedback from COMIS-Administrator, the dashboard gets updated in 24 business hours.

        Later, you can login to the App, check the ‘QC send back Tab’ and resubmit the solutions.

        Make sure to use only one resubmit tab per solution. 

        Caution: If you use both resubmit tabs at one go,  the app will not  give you further options to resubmit.  

  1.  I already used 3 attempts. Can I get one more chance to submit for the induction level?


  1. I have failed in 2 attempts and I do not want to fail in the final attempt. I need some guidance.

        Please contact your Induction Associate.

  1.  Can I submit handwritten solutions?

        Handwritten solutions will not be accepted.

  1. QC is accepted but I am unable to login.

        Please try to sign up and refresh the dashboard.   

        Click on Signup >https://www.cheggindia.com/tbs-experts/sign-up/

        >give full name and mail ID>You will receive mail>click forgot password >Re-login

  1.  QC is accepted but the dashboard is not showing any details.

        The dashboard gets updated in 24 business hours.

  1. QC is rejected and I’m unable to understand what went wrong.

        Please refer the word document received along with the QC Feedback; if you still have doubt, you can reach out to your Induction Associate.

  1.  QC is rejected and it says there is plagiarized content; but I did not copy from anywhere.

        Please contact your Induction Associate for the details which is shared to your mail.


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