How to answer questions on Chegg TBS

How to answer questions on Chegg TBS

The steps to answer questions on Chegg TBS are as follows:

As we begin to understand the answering module, please take some time to know about Textbook Solutions.

Please go through the TBS walkthrough video:

Step 1: Click on the link:

Step 2: Log in with your credentials:

                   Username: Your registered email ID 

                   Password: Your Password 

 Caution: If you are unable to login, please click on ‘Forgot Password,’ and create a new password, and then log in.·      

  1. After the login, please claim a new assignment and wait for 24 hours for the allocation of the assignments.
  2. After you claim the assignment, keep an eye on the ‘Allocation Underway’ tab.
  3. Once the claimed assignments are allocated, they can be viewed under the ‘Assignments in Progress’ tab. All the required details, like problem list, book ID, due date, etc., are available under the same tab.
  4. As soon as the assignment is allocated, you must work on the solutions and deliver them before the due date through the ‘Submit Answers’ tab.
  5. After you submit, you will receive the submission acknowledgment through email.
  6. Within 24 Business hours, your dashboard will get updated and the solutions submitted will be moved to the ‘Answers sent to QC’ tab.
  7. After submission, the solution will go through a Quality Check process. It will take 7-10 days to get QC feedback.
  8. If the solutions are accepted in the QC, they will be moved to the ‘QC Accepted’ tab within 24 hours.
  9. If the solutions are rejected in the QC, they will be moved to the ‘QC Send Back’ tab.
  10. In the ‘QC Send Back’ tab, ‘QC Re-submit 1/2' will open after 24 hours of receiving the QC feedback from
  11. Rejected solutions should be re-submitted within 48 Business hours.
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