How to provide a good quality solution on Chegg TBS

How to provide a good quality solution on Chegg TBS

To provide a good quality solution on the TBS Board, follow the points below:

Always submit correct and complete solutions with step-by-step detailed explanations in an organized manner.

Note: We follow a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Please ensure you rephrase the solution in your own words, even if you refer from other sources.

Common errors that experts usually commit while answering:

Plagiarized Solution – Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and submitting it as a part of your solution.

Note: If you are not sure about the solution, then release the question from the dashboard.


•Giving Direct Solutions to Multiple Choices Questions – As per the guidelines, provide detailed step-by-step explanations for the correct option. Explain why the other options are wrong and then provide the correct option, followed by the final answer using another delimiter.


• If a question has a link to another website as reference, it is an abusive question as per the TBS  guidelines in QRA.


•Calculation errors –Please check the calculations twice before submitting the solution. Please be careful with the calculations and ensure providing them in Math Type only.


Key Elements of a High-Quality Textbook Solution:


1.      Introductory sentence: This must be short, summing up what is being asked, and in your own words. This gives your solution a clear direction. 

2.      If needed, a diagram to set up the problem: Point out the relevant areas in the diagram and label with Times New Roman size 12 font.

3.      A problem-solving tactic: Briefly describe how you plan to work through the problem. The textbook that you are consulting may recommend a specific procedure. Ensure you review the worked-out solutions in the book. 

4.      Individual steps separated by delimiters: Steps should be direct and not off track. You do not want to confuse students with unnecessary information. 

5.      A conclusion that re-states the answer in a full sentence: The final numerical answer should not be boxed.

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