Quality Review

Quality Review

Quality reviews are the feedbacks given by our in-house team of experts for accuracy, thoroughness, and adherence to the TBS guidelines. Your solutions are evaluated by our Quality team, and depending on their quality, are given a score ranging from 0-5.  

We advise you to use the Quality reviews to improve your answering quality and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes. This way, you can refine your work and offer the best solutions to students.   

We will surely provide timely and regular feedbacks on your solutions. Common Quality review feedback remarks are incorrect answer/incorrect approach, direct answer submitted, answered an abusive question, missing steps/explanation in the answer, incomplete answer, etc. 

Note: Our in-house Quality review team selects a batch of your questions for reviewing. Therefore, all your solutions are not reviewed by our in-house review team. Also, we do not process Quality review check for any specific question IDs. 


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