FAQ's for TBS Expert

FAQ's for TBS Expert

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  1. I claimed the assignment. When will I receive the details to work?

          After you claim, the details will be provided within 24 hours.

  1. Why the assignment ID which I claimed is not in the underway tab?

          The assignment ID is released by you, therefore, it will not reflect in the underway Tab.

  1. Why is there  a blank problem list in my dashboard?

          Please check your email. You must have accidentally released the assignment. In such case, the  problem list will not appear.

  1. The question in the assignment is asking to buy software and work.

          Please do not work on such questions, please mark them as ‘Abusive’ under QRA Tab.

  1. My due date has expired. Can I still submit the solution?

          After  the due date, you are not allowed to submit the solutions. We recommend that you request for extension at least 2 days before the due date.

  1. I have requested for extension, which it is not approved yet; can I continue working on the assignment?

          We suggest not to resume work until the extension is approved.

  1. My system is not working, can you give me some time to complete the assignment?

          Please communicate the same to your respective coordinator or you can drop a mail to the support desk.

  1. What if I don’t know all the questions in the assignment which I claimed?

          As per the TBS guidelines you are supposed to solve 90% of the assignment; however, you can skip the assignment if you are not sure of the solution.

  1.  How can I increase the question limit?

          The question limit will be increased only by calculating the consistency of your submissions and the quality scores. Our team is always calculating at the back end. Based on your performance, the limit may vary.

  1.  How can I change the subject and subdomain?

          Currently, we are not accepting subject or subdomain related requests. We shall update once we are on it.

  1.  I want to submit the solutions, but dashboard submission tab is not showing assignment ID.

           Please refresh the page, take out all the cookies from the browser, then login and place the assignment ID. If you are still unable to find it , please drop a mail to the support desk.

  1. It’s been a week I got the submission acknowledgement. When will I receive the QC feedback?

           You will receive QC feedback in 7-10 days.

  1. I got the QC as accepted but the dashboard  asks to resubmit.

          This could be a technical glitch. Please reach out to support desk with all the assignment details.  

  1.  I got the QC accepted mail, but the dashboard is not updated.

            After you receive the QC feedback from COMIS administrator, the dashboard gets updated in 24 business hours.

  1. After receiving the QC as reject, what is the timeline to resubmit the solution?

            The reworked solutions must be submitted within the timeline, which is 48 business hours.

  1.  My solution is correct, but QC reviewer feedback is not satisfactory.

           Please share your comment on the QC feedback and all the details needed to the support desk.


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