TBS Onboarding FAQs

TBS Onboarding FAQs

1.       Can I change my TBS subject preference?

You are expected to work only the subjects allocated to you at the time of your registration. We do not entertain any subject change requests, later.


2.       Who evaluates my answers? When do I get a feedback report?

Our in-house team evaluates the quality of your answers for accuracy and conformance to the answering guidelines and shares a feedback report on your registered email ID as and when these evaluations are completed. To ensure this report doesn’t land in your spam/junk folder, please add comis@chegg.com to your email address book.


3.       When will I get paid for my answers?

Payments are processed through NEFT Bank transfer in two different payment cycles between 10th to 20th of every month for the solutions submitted in the previous month. For more details refer to Knowledge Base on https://tbssupport.cheggindia.com/


4.       How many questions can I skip?

To clear your onboarding, you should submit at least 3 answers from one claimed assignment. You may release an assignment in case you are not sure of the answer and claim another one.


5.       How does a TBS solution look like?

A typical Chegg solution is a step-by-step answer, created in a Microsoft Word document. Please refer to the Chegg authoring guidelines for more details. If you do not have the authoring guidelines, ask your coordinator or raise a ticket on Support Desk at https://tbssupport.cheggindia.com/


6.       What are the next steps after onboarding?

Once you successfully submit 3 solutions, these are sent for the quality check. During this time, you are in the induction phase. If the 3 solutions are quality accepted, your profile gets updated as TBS expert. In case your 3 solutions are rejected, you get to rework on those 2 more time. You get the support and training (if required) from your onboarding coordinator during induction phase. 








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